Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beginners Guide

Welcome to fishing superstars...

This post is intended to provide beginners with advantages through the insight of experienced players so that they may make the most of their stars and coins.

I will skip over many obvious details and go in depth with many intricate procedures.  If you feel at any point you can explain something better or that I missed a critical kernel of knowledge, please feel free to comment and add to this post.

Beginners may feel free to post questions of any sort here.

When Picking the Man or Woman - the woman has more skill and the man has more strength.

Save your stars! - you will need them for equipment
(Do not spend them on feeding fish, upgrade scrolls, or unlocking levels)

Add Friends - you should always have 100 active friends in order to maximize daily gifts and requests along with congratulatory gold additives.

Have 5 fish in tank that your friends can feed - this makes it easier for their daily visit to reap energy.  Especially if your tank is not the most fishable (no star fish) This is common courtesy.

When further along... people prefer to catch fish that are worth stars in your tank (egg fishing).  Keeping only fish worth stars in your tank, increases the odds they may drop an egg, when grown, will also be worth stars.  Once you can establish a "star fish only tank" i recommend it.

Always gift daily! (Energy as a beginner)  Always Request Daily!  (Upgrade Scrolls)

Daily requests can be made certain ways.  For instance, if you were to select your fishing pole and attempt an upgrade, if you did not have enough scrolls in your inventory to do so, there would be a button prompting you to request your friends.


It is important to use the "President Effect" under "My Info" ---> "Label"  by highlighting an accomplishment and using "Set Typical Label".  This increases your stats x2 the + of the Label

Train, Train, Train, then train some more... always... till maxed!

It may be wiser if you are going to make a purchase to consider packages.

Always feed your friend's fish or practice fishing before using your energy items.

Events are a good way to gain an edge, catch what you can to take advantage of certain rewards.

Never forget to repair your equipment not only can this be expensive eventually, but your stats may even suffer.

The further you cast the more serious the fish, the better the cast, (Normal, Good, Excellent, Perfect) the better the fish. ALSO THE MORE DIFFICULT TO CATCH!

Quests, Events, and Competitions are optional.  You cannot win anything from the weekly ranking amongst friends.

You may swipe the rod after it is cast on your screen to hook the fish giving you a better chance of getting a perfect.  You do not need to jerk the phone towards yourself.

If you need to delete an inactive friend, click at the gear icon in the top right of the main screen referring to settings.  Then click manage friends and select carefully.

When reeling a fish normally.  You should always hold down your reel as to not let the fish regain life when its icon goes purple.  One should maintain the tension of the rod (green to red bar second from top)  so that you are always gaining special attack power (yellow gauge on bottom)  this will allow you to swipe the screen more frequently when an arrow appears on the rod.  This renders fish unconscious at times as well as dealing a significant amount of damage.  (special works better while fish is in the green or yellow.)  When fish is red or "flashing" you should hold for about a second and let go for a fraction of a second as to only allow .1 meter of slack free from the fish.  This gives you more time before the fish just races out and in between it may turn yellow or green at which point you may reel in.  Ultimately you want to deal enough damage to K.O. the fish or bring it in close enough to catch.

Hope this helps and will keep everyone updated!

- M0MO


  1. How do you know which fish are worth stars?

    1. Under the egg farming thread, there is a list of all fish that you can sell for stars.


  2. What do you do with a galaxy fem and how do you use the premium upgrade scrolls

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