Monday, September 30, 2013

Real Illustrated Book

This thread is born under Slaveboi suggestion.
It is meant to be a thread where we can have our real captures posted.

Unfortunately only admins can post on Blogger, but everyone who wants to see his pics up here can feel free to send 'em by email to
I'll be glad to upload 'em for you shortly :)

Giant Barb from Dave (Slaveboi)     
Leopard Catfish from Dave
Redtail Catfish from Dave
Mekong Giant Ray D rank from Dave
Pirarucu from Dave
King Salmon from Seth (Honcho7)

Large Mouth Bass from Seth
Channel Catfish from Adam (Adam522)
Atlantic Halibut from Dustin (dinkdink) and King Salmon from his uncle

Sockeye Salmon from Dustin

Alligator Gar from Nigel (Buzzzer)

Redtail Catfish from Mightis
Mekong Giant Catfish from Mightis
Blue Gill from Michele (mikpep)
Carp from Michele
Wels Catfish D rank from Michele
Freshwater Chub from Michele
Grass Carp from Michele
Leather Carp from Michele
Gray Mullet from Michele
Horse Mackerel from Michele
Mackerel from Michele
Roughscale Sole from Michele
Wels Catfish D rank from Michele
Zander from Michele

Spanish Barb from Michele

Sharpbelly from Michele

Javeline Goby from Michele

Smelt from Michele

Michele and his uncle's White Sturgeons

Silver Arowana from Ivy

Freshwater Angelfish Wild&Koi variant from Ivy

Black Goosh from Ivy

Tricolor Sharkminnow from Ivy

Siamese Roundtail from Ivy

Red Oscar from Ivy

Palawan Crab from Ivy

Sixbar Distichodus from Ivy

Clown Knifefish from Ivy

Fancy Carps from Ivy

Butterflyfish from Ivy

Clownfish from Ivy

Clown Triggerfish from Ivy

Bicolor Blenny from Ivy

Queen Triggerfish from Ivy

Foxface from Ivy

Longhorn Cowfish from Ivy

Butterflyfish from Ivy

Mandarinfish from Ivy

Longnose Hawkfish from Ivy

Pufferfish from Ivy

Lionfish from Ivy

Polka Dot Boxfish from Ivy

Golden Dorado D rank from Franco (franamig)

Freshwater Ray from Franco

Tiger Shovelnose from Franco

Trahira from Franco

Giant Gourami from Razak74

Catfish S rank from Razak74
Thresher Shark breaching - Mediterranean Sea - from Ivy

Rainbow Trout S grade from Infrzfyu's nephew


  1. Those are some great fish everyone! Awesome work Ivy!! You are the best ♥♡

  2. Awesome! ��

  3. Very very nice pics ... good job Ivy

    Thanks for sharing guys


  4. Since I never hooked a single fish in real life but had freshwater and salwater tanks for several years, I'll contribute with those XD
    Btw all thanks must go to Dave who had the idea of this nice thread!!! :)

  5. very very big fishes in first pictures!!

  6. ivy i sent you some photos to your e mail, but the guys make me feel ashamed with my catches, they really catched giants fish, but feel free to upload them. se you guys !


    1. Franco your fishes are awesome! :)
      I'm glad you contribute to this thread which is shaping up really well in my opinion :)

  7. We can't catch that many fish in England bit jealous DB73

  8. Only just realized franamig while feeding my fish nice catch mate DB73

  9. I sent email today, please update....
    Giant Gurami & Catfish

    1. Hi mate, ty for the nice pics! Here they are...Giant Gourami...woooowwww, I never saw one before outside FS! :)

  10. Nice catches everyone. Keep up the good work.

  11. I have pict of iridescent shark that I caught...where should I send email?


  12. Oh, man, beautiful pics!! Congrats for all of you!


  13. whaow! you guys rock ! some of these fishes are amazing !!! congrats folks!

  14. excellent work....!!

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