Monday, June 29, 2015

All About Rods 3

Lots of new rods to share and ask about. Look in the archive for older info about rods. Best of luck with draws and combines. Dinkdink 
I will talk mostly about the high end rods and their capability to do full tension fishing.
I'll start with the infos from my rods, but any help will be appreciated in order to have the most complete list possible. Of course the stats I'll provide for rare rods can vary a bit because of my combined levels, but I'll put them up anyway just to give an idea.
Thanks in advance!

-Fish God's Gift: What can we find inside? 6 different rare or high end rods. White Crane (Rare), Ancient Whale Soul (Rare)Black Dragon (Rare)Amethyst Forest (Normal)Double Lightning (Normal)Vermillion Bird (Normal)Ocean Tyrant (Normal). Price: 3000 stars.
My advice is to buy on sale (usually 1500 stars) if you want a good rod at low price, cuz for some of them the price will be way low than their ordinary discounted price in shop. And you can happen to get a rare rod otherwise available only in legendary lucky cards, with a terrible drop rate...

-Amethyst Forest (Upgraded Level +6 - Combined Level: 0)
Made of 100-year-old bamboo trees for durability and precision.
Special Effect: Skill gage+ *x4 / No Dive *x20

STR/ AGL/ CON: 252 - ATK: 837 - SKL: 678 - CTR: 532 - LUCK: 20

I was able to ftf already at no level. It gives bonus points if used at Infinity Ship.

-[Rare] White Crane
Special Effect: Elasticity+ x*12/ Skill Gage+ *x7

STR: 367 - AGL/CON: 374 - ATK: 1117 - SKL: 940 - CTR: 698 - LUCK: 30 
(Thanks to Fizi and Sargonbb for the infos provided!!!)

-[Rare]Ancient Whale Soul (Upgraded Level +14 - Combined Level +23)
Trapped a gigantic whale's soul in this rod.
Special Effect: CRI+ *x12 / Rally * x16

STR/ AGL/ CON: 489 - ATK: 1621 - SKL: 1448 - CTR: 958 - LUCK: 30

I was able to ftf already at no level. It gives bonus points if used at Infinity Ship.

-[Rare]Black Dragon (Upgraded Level +18 - Combined Level +23)
Empowered by the spirit of Black Dragon governing clouds and thunderstorm.
Special Effect: CRI+ *x9 / Line+ *x13

STR: 537 - AGL/CON: 562 - ATK: 1875 - SKL: 1600 - CTR: 1212 - LUCK: 25

Nice rod, very fast killer, but due to the lack of elasticity, red hook is an issue for BO and AGF. (Many thanks to Corleona for the infos!!!)

-Candy Gold Plus (Upgraded Level +15 - Combined Level: 0)
Celebrating White Day for sweet you.
Effect: Serenity *x13

STR/ AGL/ CON: 195 - ATK: 911 - SKL: 716 - CTR: 542 - LUCK: 10

Claimed by the most to be able to ftf....I actually never managed to on mine -.-'

-[Normal]Black Dragon (price in shop: 3800 stars)
Black fishing rod with a black dragon design. Not as same as a rare rod.
Special Effect: Elasticity+ *x8/ ???

STR: 210 - AGL/ CON: 220 - ATK: 705 - SKL: 565 - CTR: 440 - LUCK: 20

I never tried it but I'm pretty sure it can do ftf.

-Vermillion Bird (price in shop: 3000 stars)
Represents the fire from Chinese constellations.
Effect: Serenity *x13/ Critical Hit *x9

STR/ AGL/ CON: 195 - ATK: 650 - SKL: 525 - CTR: 410 - LUCK: 20

Very good ftf rod.

-Ocean Tyrant (price in shop: 2700 stars)
This fishing rod has the spirit of Ocean Tyrant, controlling the ocean's rough current.
Effect: Critical Hit *x9/ No Dive *x15

STR: 185 - AGL/ CON: 180 - ATK: 615 - SKL: 500 - CTR: 390 - LUCK: 20

Very good ftf rod, the best one in my opinion, has a better default elasticity than any other rod and a higher resistance when red hook!

-Double Lightning (Upgraded Level: +9 - Combined Level: 0)
Contains the power of lightning.
Special Effect: No Dive *x29/ Rally *x12

STR: 315 - AGL/ CON: 323 - ATK: 1054 - SKL: 847 - CTR: 662 - LUCK: 21

Very good ftf rod. No longer available in shop (why???).

-Shooting Star Force (price in shop: 2400 stars)
Cointains many shards of a meteor. Made of special alloy material.
Effect: CRI+ *x9

STR: 170 - AGL/ CON: 165 - ATK: 580 - SKL: 475 - CTR: 370 - LUCK: 20

Good ftf rod.

-Twilight (price in shop: 2100 stars)
This rod symbolizes the beautiful light of the dusk. Encompasses the lonely yet beautiful dusk.

STR: 155 - AGL: 152 - CON: 150 - ATK: 545 - SKL: 450 - CTR: 350 - LUCK: 20

Good ftf rod.

-Shark The Blood (price in shop: 1800 stars)
Customized version of Red Shark for catching special fishes. Has enhanced SKL.

STR: 140 - AGL/ CON: 135 - ATK: 510 - SKL: 425 - CTR: 325 - LUCK: 21

Good ftf rod. I caught every kind of monster 'til BE with this rod.

-Hero D (price in shop: 1600 stars)
Devil engraved rod for the devil's power. The adrenaline rush speeds up the heartbeat.

STR: 123 - AGL: 122 - CON: 120 - ATK: 480 - SKL: 380 - CTR: 315 - LUCK: 20

Good ftf rod.

-Star Seeker Sonic (price in shop: 900 stars)
Added control on star seeker to prepare for rapid moving fish and increased attack.

STR: 95 - AGL: 94 - CON: 93 - ATK: 423 - SKL: 331 - CTR: 251 - LUCK: 15

Quite good ftf rod.


  1. missing :
    SNOW PEARL [rare]CRI+9 Elasticity+12 upgrade to 21 (max25) and combine to 42 (max50) :
    STR 616 AGL 644 CON 644 ATK 2422 SKL 1974 CTR 1358 Luck 30
    (Elasticity x22 Serenity x6 CRI+ x18 for my combine)
    Eternal Blaze [rare] up max 25 combine max 50
    CRI+15/Elasticity+ x20
    STR 756 AGL 810 CON 810 ATK 2497 SKL 2052 CTR 1498 Luck 35
    spécial stats : Elasticity+ x33 CRI+ x16 Line+ x4 (upgraded to 20 and combine to 31) these two rod can FTF really really well !

  2. I currently have an OT with level 18 and combine of 45. Just received a RBD. Is it worth it for me to upgrade and combine? Will it end up being better than my OT?

    1. if your RBD is Rare Black Dragon (same as SNOW PEARL) it's pretty sure you gain to upgrade it :)

    2. Honestly I usually use a rare black dragon or Promtheus or heat wave but Ocean tyrant is really op so is Vermillion bird honestly though White crane isn't so good.

  3. DO NOT REFINE (EVOLVE) YOUR RODS.... I did it on my Blue Devil's Horn, and it resets everything, your upgrades and Combine, I knew that going in hoping something good will come out of it...nothing, my Rod says Epic that is all... everything is reset and the max for upgrade is still 25 and Combine is still 50. I did get this at the bottom of that stat (From [Hard] Dead Moon Beach by 20% chance, increase Skill Damage 10%) so I basically wasted my +25 upgrade and +50 Combine for this. Gamevil is EVIL, that is why their name is Gam Evil!!!!

  4. what'd yall get from 28 day treasure chest?

    1. Shark The Blood

    2. Twilight this time (High Rubber previously)

    3. I got twilight both times so far.

  5. i got twilight rod also

  6. Hey guys, got Some questions, sorry if im posting on the wrong thread.
    Im level 49 and got a golden tiger rod from a legend card, now I saved up 1100 stars again. Should I just buy an ocean tyrant on sale because it seems like the best rod, or save Some more for the fish god treasure? I also have 2 million gold, should I save up for the best gold costume or buy something else with it?
    Hope you guys can help!! Kind regards

    1. I just got the Golden Tiger as well. My opinion is to stick to star costumes: higher luck and less expensive to repair.

    2. And what About a new rod?

    3. Yes OT so far Perfect

    4. I stop playing lot ago, but came back with a new account, with the starss i got from the newcomer i got around 1k stars, i used it in the 50% in legend coupon and got 3 rare snowy scent ítem grade 103, rare ancient whale soul ítem grade 75 and rare snow Pearl, i got all this in lvl 10. :P So i better tell ou to sabe and waste in coupons, u will get a better rod tan tiger's ...

  7. Black Dragon - normal - from sea god's heavy treasure chest.

  8. knows someone about AURORA rod?

  9. I got an ocean tyrant From the 28 day treasure chest

    1. How the best I got was a shooting star force.

  10. hi guys,i have been playing this game for 3 years (got the label) and i have been very unlucky so far ,every time i save stars some tempting cupon event or sth like that comes around and i waste all my stars (1100 once) on those with absolutely no luck,but now i managed to save around 1500 so i am in a huge dilema should i buy an OT at a discount or fish gods gift ,please help!

  11. Hi,
    I have OT now at+19. Now there is big discount in the shop. I have enough stars and wonder what rod to buy: second OT, or to try VB or Normal Black Dragon?

    1. For me, I will go for VB or wait for discounted FGG whi ch get u diff rod to try out.


  12. Hi I gotten both Shooting Star & Double Lightning Rod any comment on it?

    1. Shooting Star is a good rod. It was my beginner rod for learning FTF and it can do FTF after you level it up. I no longer have that rod. I do still have my Double Lightning which I felt is better than my previous Shooting Star. Here are my stats on Double Lightning with upgrade at level 18 and combine level at 50:

      STR-512, AGL-525, CON-525, ATK-1862, SKL-1725, CTR-1250, LUCK-21

      Special Stats: Elasticity x15, Serenity x9, Skill Gauge x7, No Dive x29, CRI x24, and Rally x12

      It's a pretty good rod and can handle decent fish! I normally fish with my Rare Rods now. Hope you enjoy your Shooting Star and Double Lightning! Try to get a Rare Rod if you can! Happy Fishing


  13. Hi Angler's Need help how do you really rank the Rods below?

    Ocean Tyrant (Star-2700)
    (Rare)Full Moon’s Shadow (God Gift)
    Vermillion Bird (Star) (Star-3000)
    Aqua Empero (Gold-2,150.000)
    (Normal)Black Dragon (Star-3800)
    Twilight (Star-2100)
    Shooting Star Force (Star-2400)
    Shark the Blood (Star-1800)
    Double Lightning
    Black Tortoise (Gold-3,200.000)

  14. Hi guys! For those who cant decide what to buy at discount god box or some rod? just go for god box waaay better worse could hapen is to get an ocean tyran for 1200-1500 stars... not bad... or you can be lucky and get the white crane or similar . Save stars for rare gears and save coupons for events where you can get more.

  15. Valkyria????? 100€

  16. What rod would you compare the valkrie to I have vermillion bird +19 and was wondering if it would be worth the 100 to get the valkrie rod

    1. At this point I believe you have already set your heart in the Valkrie and that's the Apple in your eye as your heart is leading you to it.

      That's another CASH rod which a lot of people wanted to have it as collection and if you have the spare cash I would said why not as long the result is you will be Happy. there's this guy in the fishingsupertstar forum also bought the Chronos and he's happy with it. Just follow your heart and is all about individual happaniness

  17. What rod would you compare the valkrie to I have vermillion bird +19 and was wondering if it would be worth the 100 to get the valkrie rod

  18. Which one is better red dragon or vermilion

    1. I have both vermillion is better in my opinion and cheaper to repair

    2. tq for your opinion. is it the expensive the rods the better they are

    3. Red Dragon is a gold rod and Vermillion is Star rod the end result is always the Star Rod much better in effect and also repair. You will have to ask yourself which is comfortable for you. Long run in the game you will notice that you have a great collection of rods.

  19. Valkyria is another rods like Chronos it's only good only during a certain period of times cos of the triple effect but once the dates over it's no different like a normal fishing rod. Do don't forget after getting the rod you still have to upgrade it normal level and the combine level too. so what's the point of getting it as well try out the lucky draw at the sea god box and upgrade the rods or just get a normal black dragon and upgrade it.

    1. I bought the sea gods box and got the galaxy rod my vermillion at 20 upgrade and 27 combine I'll get my galaxy rod their soon hopefully

  20. Got a sea God box as a gift today for some reason and got whale soul rod lol guess I'll take it free rod lol

  21. Ya I gotten a whale soul for free

  22. I have the rare snowy scent rod any info for that

  23. My best rod is Infinity rod & Candy Rose, any idea can do ftf? please help

    1. Infinity I doubt it but Candy Rose probably The candy gold and lucky charm can but how good are your stats is what matters. You should get ocean tyrant or vermillion they are good I wouldn't recommend gold rods becoz the break fast but If you get lots of stars get fish gods treasure on sale and get 3 blessed fisherman costumes.

  24. got a rare gaia rod 20 cri 20 elasticity (base), gotta say the rod is pretty sick! also got the holy custume this christmass, and i have to say once you get that rod to 20 and the costume to 16 + youll see 7500 + att skl 6700+ ctr 4500 + and a whopping 430+ luck with mastersbait on.

    With the combine event that was present i also got the right rare stats,

    Stun 90
    Cri now 55
    elasticity still 20
    consecutive hits 22
    braking 127 ( useless tho :S)

    plesiosour 1 cast kill,

    Sow save up those stars guys and the mats, cause come christmass it realy can me christmass time !

  25. Hi guys... I have a question... The Vermillion rod evolve or not? Thank you

    1. no mate evolve is rare rods only, + if you do not intend to do hard mode all the time do NOT evolve the rod... u will lose all current stats/ upgrade/ and combine level.. and cannot use postions to up the rod..

      Just a heads up ;)
      Good luck and happy fishing!

  26. what's the odd of upgrading rod?
    just tried 8 times on RBD (currently lv 40) and failed.
    waste of golds, stars, scrolls, and my motivation... dang it...


  27. Got a rare snow pearl lvl 22, combine lvl 50 with the following stats:
    Street 638 agl 667 con 667 atk 2508 skl 2044 ctr 1348 luck 30
    Elasticity +22 serenity +21 cri +37 rally +6
    What do you think about the extra skills acquired? I'm not really satisfied cut I cannot land everything
    Thanks caccamo8

  28. Anybody know if u have to throw in certain baits to get gems? Trying to acquire some galaxy gems.have only gotten one. Can't seem to get anymore

  29. Got a question about evolve, basically if I evolve my rod to epic then all my special effect will be gone right? But can it be combined and upgraded again after I evolve it to epic?

  30. I just got a Lamb's fang rod from the treasure of blessed sea god sale but I don't know if it will eventually have elasticity. I hope so. x20 serenity & crl x9 basic stats.

  31. Yes you can. Will get a special potion that will upgrade your rod to level 15or higher. once you upgrad to level 3 use that potion and your upgrade will jump to 15 or whatever the bottle shows it will. Top of bottle shows how high it will go, bottom number, underlined, tells you how far you have to be upgraded before using the potion to be effective.

  32. Any one know what is the red crane rod? Thanks

  33. I just got rare lambs fang any on

    1. Hey Laura! Red Crane is a high-end gold rod. Expensive to repair but a strong rod.

    2. Hey Laura! Red Crane is a high-end gold rod. Expensive to repair but a strong rod.

    3. just buy star seeker rod/infinity rod..and break it down..will get Red Crane Pieces..the animation cast of red crane different with rare ones..

    4. just buy star seeker rod/infinity rod..and break it down..will get Red Crane Pieces..the animation cast of red crane different with rare ones..

    5. just buy star seeker rod/infinity rod..and break it down..will get Red Crane Pieces..the animation cast of red crane different with rare ones..

  34. I got lambs fang does anyone know if it's any good??

  35. I just got a rare ancient whale soul and looking forward to uupgrading it from the red fortune pouch.

    For the rare lamb's fang rod +19 combined to 48 I have elasticity x6, serenity x38, crl x29, rally x2. I like the extra luck and that it attracts monster fish. atk - 2197, skl - 1689, ctr - 1378, luck 30.

  36. Hi guys,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
    If someone want to know more about Fishing Tips I think this is the right place for you!

  37. Hey, Does any one know How to craft a rod? Or how many gems are needed to do so?

  38. Bob, gems is for evolving your rod. To craft one you need fragments(from breaking up your rod), problem is for higher end rods you need a lot of it.

    To get odin fragments you need to disassemble owl totem. You need 100 fragments(you got more fragments for higher upgrade and combined rod). +15 owl totem combined to +22. Could give you 4 odin fragments(if you are luck), take a look:
    Owl totem disassemble:

    I just got odin from last event(legend lucky card) on a new acc:

    My main acc is failure(combine mess up and burn my stars on reels), im starting over so i made several acc and from starting bonus(500* and 11 legend coupons) i got odin, 2 DL, 2 ssf(one from heavy treasure chest) and dual infinity on this acc. I think im moving to this acc rather than to reset almost everything, i only need a rare hat and reel on this acc.

  39. Hel!!!my Ot has been "in use" for over a month. Please help anyone

  40. Rare Plum from Legend Event, Without combining/upgrading it has Elasticity x25 & Crl x15. Atk 818, Skl 679, Ctr 607, Luck 40, Str 280, Agl 300, Con 300.

    1. Fully combined it now, elasticity x28, no dive x4, crl x15, rally x18, line x7, str 812, agl 870, con 870, atk 2720, skl 2404, ctr 1876. Level +22.

    2. Reset.. try getting elas above 80 and cri at 100 or more.

  41. hi guys, I've been playing since 2014 and I havnt aquired a decent rod. My highest rod is rare black dragon. How can I get gems without paying money? at least I can evolve it to epic..


  43. Hi everyone,

    I'd like to add the last rod I got from Lucky Card, the [Rare] Grizzly Bear.
    It's a level 96 rod, reeeally good for powerful fishes and adding Control to my character but it needs upgrades and combining as all the others.

    It comes with this stats as standard:

    LVL 96
    CON 280
    CTR 690
    STR 285
    ATK 875
    Luck 40
    AGL 280
    SKL 550
    Special Abilities:
    Elasticity *x25
    CRI *x20

    Nowadays I got it combined lvl50 and upgrd lvl 23. This are the stats I reached:

    STR: 855
    AGL: 840
    CON: 840
    ATK: 3075
    SKL: 1950
    CTR: 2175
    Luck: 40

    Elasticity+: *x45
    CRI+: *x37
    Serenity: *x9
    No Dive: *x11

    Concerning the evolving, don't listen to who tells you to not do it. When you refine or evolve your rod, you go from RARE to EPIC and finally (with a lot of luck or money) LEGEND. Every time you go up in the scale, you rise the level of your rod and consequentially its power. Yes, you have to start to combine and upgrade it from zero, but you only build your personal combined stats.
    The Grizzly Bear is a bit tricky to evolve because there are no gems for it, or are very rare (didn't found one yet) but it works with Universal gems that sometimes appear in the Black Pearl market.
    Not a great rod to refine, huh? Well, it turn out that this rod is the 4th in grade between Epic rods (Lvl 124) and the 2nd when evolved to Legendary (Lvl 165 as the most powerful rod, the Odin).

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Always me, the one with the Grizzly Bear.

    It's more or less 11 months that I play, after I restarted because of losing my previous profile (thanks Gamevil). Starting from zero now I'm level 92, got three rare rods, a lvl 92 reel and a lvl 72 float. I got as well a complete lvl 108 garment equipment and other three rare rods (2 Blak Dragons and a Whale Soul).

    I would like to point out that I never spent one dime in the shop for stars or fancy packages or cozy upgrades. I never cheated. Just enjoyed the game and casted a lot. I mean, a lot.

    I reached almost 10 mln money and 5000 stars as my best with an Ocean Tyrant, a 55 lvl reel and a 35 float. Now I got less than 3 mln and less than 2000 stars, all spent in upgrading fails... what should I do? Quit?

    I was in the situation of a lot of people, when I was around lvl 75... no rare rods, no reels, not able to land fishes in the lvl 60's ponds, money and stars flying away in fails and bastard lucky cards... then I realized one simple thing: Luck...

    When you fish, sometimes you get some extra skill, or control, or xp points, or gold or... luck! It happens you can get 5 minutes of + 250% luck for 5 minutes! When it happens, equip your luckiest bait (master's bait it's perfect) and try to upgrade your equipment.

    For 5 minutes the luck ratio will be higher than you could ever gain by fishing. If it doesn't work for upgrade, try a coupon in lucky cards. Better if you save them at least by the no. of 10 so you can get a rare item guaranteed in the 10+1 bet. This is how I got the Rare Ancient Whale Soul rod and one of the two Black Dragons.

    The best of all is that when you finally get a rare rod, your overall luck increase permanently, giving you better chances to get even better equipment than before. I had the Grizzly Bear after only one week after the Whale Soul. And less than a month later I got the Reel and the float. Not mentioning the increased stats that let me go on with the lvl 60 fishes and the bigger fishes in all the preceding ponds.

    It's a great game, the mathematics behind it's well studied. It's always a little behind your expectations, because they have to sell stuff and gain real money, and the game is engineered to make you think "well, I am stuck in this position and I cannot become any stronger... Maybe I can spend a bunch of bucks to increase stars/potions/VIP points etc..."

    Well, yes. You can do it. But if you are patient and dedicated (not nerdy of course, life is good out there :)) you can reach the highest levels. It will take longer than who pays or cheats... does it matter? To me, at all. It's a relaxing and addicting game. And it's free. Play it and build your own luck!

    Look at me: less than one year and already lvl 92 without paying. Playing during lunch time at work or sometimes during the evening. Just be patient, be cool, be focused and continue playing. Results will come for sure.

    Hang loose and stay wet ;D


    P.S. Remember that the more you level up, the harder it gets and for sure there will be other levels where you will be stuck for a while. As I am now. But don't give up. Good luck to all!

  46. I have Rare Grizly Design, what to do with it? Combined to lvl20. It can be upgraded but just upgrades the Skill, nothing else. Whats the point with this Design? How to use it?

  47. Владо Черноземски,

    You can do two things with that:

    Break it down to obtain Grizzly Bear fragments or use it as combining material. But as for combining it gives you just 100 combining points, so that it's better to break it in the workshop. Maybe you'll keep the fragments for years without been able to use them, maybe you'll reach the 100 fragments to build your own Grizzly Bear rod. Who knows? :)

  48. Hello...i just wanna ask what better rod between rare prometheus or rare odin?

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  50. hey guys, i just got rare blue white night with cri x12 and elasticity x20, but i already have snowy scent, what must i do? build rare blue white night or still with snowy scent? please help me :)

  51. Hi everyone, i have the snowy scent lvl 22 - 50 combine and heat wave lvl 20 -50combine.
    Which is better to evolve to epic?

    Second question - where to find more gems need more gems to evolve the 2.


  52. have a look at this guys and girls, after waiting so so so long i have finally evolved heat wave explosion to epic.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.


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