Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hard mode Q&A

I accidentally deleted the previous comments on this thread. Sorry everyone, I'm learning all over again.....dinkdink


  1. Hi dinkdink, are u back or only short visit? Whatever nice to see you :-)

    1speedy - fscaustria guild

  2. Venomous canine bait or sweet spot haven't had any luck at all not even a bite 😪 if I get one before I get a reply I'll let you know what bait spot and time thanks

  3. Venomous canine bait or sweet spot haven't had any luck at all not even a bite 😪 if I get one before I get a reply I'll let you know what bait spot and time thanks

  4. Whats the différence in points or xp between hard and normal mode ?

  5. hi everyone, please share information about your experience at hard mode.

  6. Hello,
    Because previous information was accidentally been removed i put up the time and effort to put this list up again. All the info i share i picked up here from all previous posts.
    Here we go...........

    Hardmode Unique Fish :

    Blue Shark - Spinner - 11 o'clock.
    Titan - Crank - mid cast or right.
    Pacific Sailfish - Crank / S-paste.
    BB Butterflyfish - Minnow.
    Tabby Saw - Minnow or 12 o'clock Rookie.
    Venomous Canine - Minnow / Spinner max right.
    Giant Barramundi - Minnow / Spinner +3s chum.
    Vampire Barracuda - Minnow / Spinner +3s chum
    Dark Queen - Minnow - 10 o'clock max.
    Dragon Heat - Crank / Minnow - 12 o'clock max
    Golden Snake - Spinner.
    Crimson Devil Ray - Spinner.
    Black Tornado - Spinner.
    Crazy Clown - Minnow.
    Teeny - Minnow.

    Good Luck VooDooII

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thankyou VooDool! you're my friend when I first started playing Fishing Superstars V.2


  9. How to get to hard mode? For example wapo river, left only epic fish to complete all 4 books for wapo river, does that mean i need to get all epic fishes, mine only all 3 sss

  10. Sorry for late answer! But u get hard mode open still after u got all fish on every location u want to open in normal mode - no Metter which sice, including the monster fish from the location u want to open. U don't need all in SSS or in epic ;-))

    Best regards and happy fishing

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  12. The fish in Hard mode can be completely faint or not?

  13. need help for catching blood eye, thank

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  15. How do i remove floats? Am i better without a float

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