Sunday, September 29, 2013

From dinkdink:

Ladies and gents, it's been a pleasure over the last several years, serving you and our virtual fishing community. As many of you know, I'm a big fan of real life fishing and have found so much enjoyment in this game and in this network of fishing fans this blog has had over the years. I always said, "if I ever quit, I'll delete all my friends so they know I'm gone and can delete me from their friends list. " I failed. I couldn't let it go until now. I just deleted my entire friends list because I dont expect to return. I hope this message finds you all well and I hope you all continue to get everything out of this game that I found in it at its inception. If anyone has whatsapp, feel free to add me as I hope to keep in touch, and you never know when I'll be back ;-)


Kindest regards,


PS CSeymour has been doing a great job at keeping the blog up to date. I have invited a few others to take over my duties, but it is a big job and I don't blame them for being a bit shy. Hopefully, you'll see a new admin very soon.

Good luck, and as always, Happy Fishing!


  1. PPS:FUCK YOU GAMEVIL and what you've made this game into.

    1. totaly agree with you,no more fun in this game,only you gamEVIL!!!

  2. Dink,

    Don't know what to say. I wish you happy always.

    Good bye my old friend.


  3. Take care.


  4. Again.. so sad dinkus, but I have respect for Ur decision 👍
    See u around buddy ;)

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  6. I'm happy to hear from you CJ and Corleona. You are as great of friends as anyone could ask for in this game :)

  7. Yes, you will Jeppe :P
    Time for sleep. Gnight all

  8. Thank u for all u contributions over the years.
    U will surely be missed.

    All hail DinkDink


  9. Sorry that u made that great cut after years playing that game, but I'm full in your mind, and u are not the only one leaving frustrated after long time active playing that good simulation, but to much things steel the fun of the game, don't know if you know - but stoped last year also some month playing the game after endless upgrade fails and some other negative efforts, but my wife kiki1010 bring me back to game as guild - gameplay was started, and we born our guild FSCAustria as u know, have now many top-members in guild and also whatsapp chat and great friendship inside and many fun,but lost also some realy good but also frustrated members!

    Thank u dink for great blog and job with it.

    Hopefully GV will change some negative frustrating things in game - no one needs upgrade-fail for payed work, don't need destiny potions - give us noremale ones or non!!! Don't need not working enhance stones!!!

    Wish u all the best in your future live! And hope to see u back sometimes ����������

    Head up all other, we all made this game to that popular game and will help each other also in future.

    Happy fishing and fisherman's luck

    1speedy - 3 years with heart player
    Master of FSCAustria - gone to one of top engish guilds

  10. I'm grateful for all the hard work and advice you put into the blog. I know it's selfish but I'm glad it's still going to be here, it has been my guide since the beginning and it is such a warm friendly place.

    I've been playing the game for nearly 3 years now and although it frustrates me at times, I can see that I am improving and that is encouraging.

    Take care dinkdink :)

  11. I am sorry to see you go. I have learned so much from this blog and I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts. ☆I wish you well Dink Dink!

    tia Marie♡

  12. Noooooo u leave this game before me �� . . Thx to u I have been playing this shitty game for years and im still here ..haha. After momo and ivy left this blog was in yur solid hand thx for keeping things going bro. Therefore I salut u Dustin And im sure Cam and co will do the same wonderfull job as u. We have had good and bad days in this game... mine fun in this game is ofcourse the vr fishing part.. but the most fun i had is get to know the players ... who i now call mine friends and this all thx to u Dustin for opening the whatsapp group. U are gone from the game but not.from the group so chat u there ��

  13. I know the feeling, been through this several times...I lately came back cuz of Patatool's call, just to help our guild. The only valuable thing in this game, it's the great persons behind the players you get to know.
    And for me, you are for sure one of those. Thanks for everything you did for me and for the FS community, and ty is not enough.
    I hope one day you'll be back, when you'll find the serenity you need.
    And of course I'll be there for you anytime you need it....but not if you call at 6 am while I'm sleeping xD
    May you have a great life my friend :*

  14. What more can be said apart from you are one of the great players Dustin, for many years you have helped people who had played for some time or were just beginners, giving your wealth of knowledge freely. I wish you all the very best and hope you come back soon, thanks again buddy, Beario

  15. "Mahalo" ("Thank You")as we say in Hawaii for all you have done for us Dink! You created this awesome site, sharing all that you know, helping all of us players grow. Without your help and knowledge, many of us would not be successful in this game. I personally thank you for the times you have responded to my questions timely. All you have done is greatly appreciated Dink!!! Too bad it has come to the end of the road for you with this game. I can't blame you for feeling the way you. Take greatest care Dink! I wish you the best!!!

    from Hawaii

  16. Hello dink! Good to hear from you, but also not a good thing is going on here. Thanks for everything man! Without this blog most prob i had wasted much more star that i have already did, which basically I might have more miserable experience playing this game. TBH I find this game not as attractive as before. I kindda quit this game over 5 times already because of the upgrade crap and focus service on money more than others. I still find 'master deck' doesn't make any sense in life fishing. I'm pretty sure there will be one day where there are maps we have to unlock using cash or something. I just joined the game again last month, which most probably I'm quitting soon... which is now XD So..... Take care man. Wish I can go life fishing with you. Cheers.


  17. I got 4x normale elasticity enhance stone, 1x rare elasticity, 2 x normale serenity enhance stone and one normale no dive enhance stone and not a single one works succses in actual pearl event!
    One more time seen the useless thing to get them, GV steel my pearls for nothing, but worked hard for to get them!!
    No wonder of leaving many players the game which steel u the fun to play, same with endless fails by upgrading or non working destiny potions and it makes no difference if u paid real money for anything item or stars to get VIP level, it's not worth to spent anymore real money to that game as long the gameplay works this way!!! U all make the game to that great popularity with your long time playing and helping each other here in that great blog, many would stop much earlier without it!
    Thanks Dink for your great work here in, and also to all other in any event or questions around the game!
    GV isn't god and help us in no way,but u did more as GV can ever do - exept to find back to a better way back for more fun in game.

    Wish u the best to your way Dinkdink and hope GV may see the Sign and change some things in game to bring back the fun in game, hope to see u back again

  18. sad to hear that you left the game Dustin. Hope you get back again.. good luck bro miss ya


  19. i play this game for 2years. gamevil is totally suck. wasting my star for bullshit floating event. manage to get cork float and round float only. for this 2 years, i only got rare rod ancient whale soul and black dragon. wasting start buying fish god's gift.

  20. You have been my brother, mentor, and sounding board for years Dinkosaurus. I'll try to live up to your standard my friend.

  21. Great job Dink -thank you for your efforts
    -great feedback from all users here - again dinkdink is gone but Dustin will stay
    Keep in touch Admin
    Cheers gumpie

  22. Hey dink, sorry to see you leave the game would be cool if you decide to come back sometime. Good luck for the future buddy & thanks for everything :)


  23. Good luck Dink! I love real fishing. Appreciate you for making this site great.��

  24. Respect Dinkdink. It was pleasure for me to be your freand. I'm agree with you that's why now i play sometimes to time. I prefer real fishing too. Everything which I know about this game I learned from you. Thank you and I wish you all the best. Vlado331

  25. Dink, you must back to play again, i know you still have the passion and love for this game. thanks for mentoring our small guild. You're the best


  26. thanks for all the help in this game much appreciated, i wish you luck in everything you do in the future


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