Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beginners Guide

Welcome to fishing superstars...

This post is intended to provide beginners with advantages through the insight of experienced players so that they may make the most of their stars and coins.

I will skip over many obvious details and go in depth with many intricate procedures.  If you feel at any point you can explain something better or that I missed a critical kernel of knowledge, please feel free to comment and add to this post.

Beginners may feel free to post questions of any sort here.


When Picking the Man or Woman - the woman has more skill and the man has more strength.

Save your stars! - you will need them for equipment
(Do not spend them on feeding fish, upgrade scrolls, or unlocking levels)

Add Friends - you should always have 50 active friends in order to maximize daily gifts and requests along with congratulatory gold additives.

Have 5 fish in tank that your friends can feed - this makes it easier for their daily visit to reap energy.  Especially if your tank is not the most fishable (no star fish) This is common courtesy.

When further along... people prefer to catch fish that are worth stars in your tank.  Keeping only fish worth stars in your tank increases the odds.  They may drop an egg, when grown, will also be worth stars.  Once you can establish a "star fish only tank" i recommend it.

Always gift daily! (Energy)  Always Request Daily!  (Upgrade Scrolls)

Daily requests can be made certain ways.  For instance, if you were to select your fishing pole and attempt an upgrade, if you did not have enough scrolls in your inventory to do so, there would be a button prompting you to request your friends.


It is important to use the "President Effect" under "My Info" ---> "Label"  by highlighting an accomplishment and using "Set Typical Label".  This increases your stats x2 the + of the Label

Train, Train, Train, then train some more... always... till maxed!

It may be wiser if you are going to make a purchase to consider packages.

Always feed your friend's fish or practice fishing before using your energy items.

Events are a good way to gain an edge, catch what you can to take advantage of certain rewards.

Never forget to repair your equipment not only can this be expensive eventually, but your stats may even suffer and I have heard of gamers loosing coveted equipment!

The further you cast the more serious the fish
The better the cast, (Normal, Good, Excellent, Perfect) the better the fish.

Quests, Events, and Competitions are optional.  You cannot win anything from the weekly ranking amongst friends.

You may swipe the rod after it is cast on your screen to hook the fish giving you a better chance of getting a perfect.  You do not need to jerk the phone towards yourself.

If you need to delete an inactive friend, click at the gear icon in the bottom right of the main screen referring to settings.  Then click manage friends and select carefully.

When reeling a fish normally.  You should always hold down your reel as to not let the fish regain life when its icon goes purple.  One should maintain the tension of the rod (green to red bar second from top)  so that you are always gaining special attack power (yellow gauge on bottom)  this will allow you to swipe the screen more frequently when an arrow appears on the rod.  This renders fish unconscious at times as well as dealing a significant amount of damage.  (special works better while fish is in the green or yellow.)  When fish is red or "flashing" you should hold for about a second and let go for a fraction of a second as to only allow .1 meter of slack free from the fish.  This gives you more time before the fish just races out and in between it may turn yellow or green at which point you may reel in.  Ultimately you want to deal enough damage to K.O. the fish or bring it in close enough to catch.

Hope this helps and will keep everyone updated!

- M0MO



    Tip 1. A fist bites quicker with an accurate casting.
    Tip 2. Faster pull results in greater damage inflicted on a fish.
    Tip 3. Type of bait is related to fish type.
    Tip 4. Hold the reel when a fish goes underwater.
    Tip 5. There are some fishes which you can sell for Stars.
    Tip 6. Upgrade success rate is 100% up to level 3.
    Tip 7. Max stats increase when leveling up.
    Tip 8. Train as often as you can.
    Tip 9. Request your friends for Energy gift.
    Tip 10. Aquarium can have up to 20 slots.
    Tip 11. Catch a big fish with high grade bait.
    Tip 12. Repair your equipment as soon as possible.
    Tip 13. STR greatly affects ATT.
    Tip 14. AGL greatly affects skill.
    Tip 15. CON greatly affects control.
    Tip 16. You can visit your friend\'s aquarium and feed fishes.
    Tip 17. Register on Gamevil LIVE and make friends.
    Tip 18. You can send your friend a gift once a day.
    Tip 19. Equipment\'s durability does not decrease during practice fishing.
    Tip 20. Practice fishing does not consume baits.
    Tip 21. You may acquire fish eggs from practice fishing.
    Tip 22. Earn big profits by hatching fish eggs.
    Tip 23. Your chance to catch a big fish is great if your luck is high.
    Tip 24. Release the reel when the tension is too high.
    Tip 25. Hold the reel on a short, constant basis when a fish is in crazy mode.
    Tip 26. Tension will drastically rise when holding the reel too long.
    Tip 27. You will fail when the tension is too low.
    Tip 28. Your chance of catching a big fish is higher with further casting distance.
    Tip 29. Each fish has different characteristics.
    Tip 30. Each fishing site has different types of fishes.
    Tip 31. Breed fishes for bigger profits.
    Tip 32. Items can be upgraded up to 15. (not true 18 is the limit, dont know if it is a bug)
    Tip 33. An upgrade scroll is required to upgrade an item.
    Tip 34. You can ask your friends for upgrade scrolls.
    Tip 35. More energy is required to fish at top tier fishing sites.
    Tip 36. Snakehead likes worm type of bait.
    Tip 37. Max stats increase as the level increases.
    Tip 38. Special training with Stars does not require cool time.
    Tip 39. Special food with Stars does not require cool time.
    Tip 40. Email any error to
    Tip 41. Your chance of catching a big one is higher at premium fishing sites.
    Tip 42. You can receive aquarium expansion scroll from your friends.
    Tip 43. You can purchase upgrade scroll at Item Shop.
    Tip 44. Your equipment won\'t be effective once durability drops.
    Tip 45. Musky bites synthetic minnow.
    Tip 46. Try synthetic crank or worms to catch a pike.
    Tip 47. Competition is for catching special types of fishes.
    Tip 48. Use skill fast for greater damage on a fish.
    Tip 49. Damage is high with high tension.
    Tip 50. Control slows a fish\'s speed.
    Tip 51. ATT determines regular damage.
    Tip 52. Skill determines skill damage.
    Tip 53. Max stats vary by character.
    Tip 54. You will fail when pulling the rod late.
    Tip 55. You can unlock item level limit with Stars.
    Tip 56. You can unlock fishing site level limit with Stars.
    Tip 57. Skill gauge increases with high tension.
    Tip 58. You can use skill when the skill gauge is full.
    Tip 59. Some fishes appear only on special instances.
    Tip 60. Fishes caught are recorded on the illustrated book.

  2. Does only 3 star fishs give eggs? I never got an egg from a higher starfish yet.

    1. the only 6 star fish that can give you an egg is only atlantic wolffish, otherwise (like boss or monster fish didn't drop egg)...


    2. Thx!


    3. yeah, just use lucky bait or masterbait if u fish in friends tanks, i have 3* tank(aligator gar most), add me, Gabz72, sending gift twice, pure energy sender, receive just energy n bait grade A, do not send expand slot, my slot have max. need 3 * friends too...

  3. I would include that it´s always worth waiting for some sort of sale before spending your stars on equipment or bait.
    Just now you were able to save up to 40% on rods and theres a 30% off on premium bait every couple of weeks also.

  4. with the update 1.2.3 they change Tip 32. Items can be upgraded up to 18.
    also i would like to ask. if the community could write down some useful tips from the quest.

    for example
    wharfs master
    tip: cuttlefish loves paste bait. needlefish devours shrimps.

  5. can someone explain me why in my aquarium every fish stays at 5/10 gold. i dont get it. i know if my friends fish it goes up but why it stand still at 5/10?

    1. Have you tried clicking on the coin in the top left corner? It will give you the gold and start back the counter to 0 , and allow to refill again. Try that

    2. sure i tried that.
      if i remember correctly it goes from 0/3 0/7 0/10.
      but what really bug me it should go up to 6/10 or more.
      if it always stay at 5/10 it make no sense to me.

    3. It sounds like you may only have 5 active fishers in your friends list. IIRC, a friend cannot 'technically' catch the same fish again (for credit) until you collect.

      This may be due to you having fish that are too strong for many of your friends, or due to having few or inactive friends. :)

      Hope it helps.

  6. how many times i can.catch a monster fish?!
    i got a lot of monster fishes, 9 of them to be exactly, and i raised then to SSS rank and sold then all, but now i dont know if i can catch then that possible?! thanks a lot!

  7. funny i have collecting energy , now i have up to 8365 total amount from different events, i can actually try to take part competition, not to be scared to run out of energy :D :D :D

  8. JO!

    Me & best friend trying 2 get a perfect friend list of daily players with easy 2 catch 3 stars fishes to get eggs daily! (aligator/nilperch/goliath)

    We are always 100% reliable with requests and aquarium;)

    ID: FishPate
    ID: Elias91

  9. User Name: rayvinn
    Level: 54
    Tank: all star fish (3 stars)

  10. Need help 

    Here is quest called"catch a pike A-rank.. at fog lake"!!!! Strange! pike at riffle val ok but fog lake ? Which fish they mean ?

    nick :goeztepe

  11. where do i accept friend request?

  12. Really need stars can someone with star fish add me id dojay

  13. I'm really struggling to catch wild fishes, above 50cm. :(
    Either they go rabid and break the line or the line gets too long.

    Tips, help?

  14. I was wandering those quest on White Clam Town whereby you get a Fishing rod. Any tips on how to get it? So much appreaciate

  15. Add me, Emoking. I'll feed ur fish daily. Ty.

  16. Hi all if u want an active friend invite me - pppio5

  17. Active player, matinize. Feel free to add !!

  18. fking game crashes all the time

  19. add me, I got fish with stars MJOE911

  20. Please add me, HBSWong is my account name. I am very active in the game.

  21. What is the effect of chums? Does s chum mean u get fish that are s/ss/sss? Does A chum mean you get lesser rank fishes?

  22. momo and smuttyno we need a faq.
    the same questions everytime because no one is willing to read to all the posts.
    i am not going to answer every question every week again.
    and please people posts quests request in the right section.
    its damn annoying to scroll down hundred of post to the end with a tablet or phone.
    after the maintenance tonight there will be a new event.
    good luck everybody

  23. Helo guys, I’m stuck in this game. Any Pro fisher please gives some good advices to progress further and faster. I do not spend any money on this game, farming gold and using my current rod and clothes seem cannot get any further. I played this game for around one month. I read all the forums on beginner tips, so I know the basic stuff. I have 50 actives friends sent gift everyday; however, my progress is still very slow without spent any real money on this game. Every forums I read people are only talking about full wolfish tank, monster fishes, or spent 200+ star on Lucky card and talking about how good these OBVOUS expensive powerful star rod like Star seeker sonic, Shark the blood, Twilight, Star shooting force can do FTF, and spent 50-100 spinner, Minnow, Crank to catch a monster fishes, and some people got crap load of S-baits laying around. How do people not spent real money get any of these stuff? I played this game nearly 1 month and I only got 130 stars(star is nearly impossible to get), and 300k gold atm. How the hell people get all these godly rods, clothes, S-bait when I don’t even come close to get ONE thing. I don’t even have any Minnow, Crank, Spinner bait to get any good fishes. And some fishes are very difficult to get. I’m not talking about monster fish because I know it is obvious hard, I’m talking about non-boss small fishes(50-130cm) from Golden view platform, Evening Sunset Wharf, Jade Wharf and other 1x or 2x area. I’m level 37, but still cannot catch some small fishes from these areas make me feel depressing. My best rod is Hurricane+8 and Sailor set+6 with states 820,740,475. I tried my best, but still lose on these non-boss fishes. I feel so weak now. I train 8 times a day, so I already utility the training as best as possible. Currently, I played few hours a day to farm gold at Kalda lake using A-pawn with Solo Wise rod+5 because solo wise is cheaper repair cost. I can only make 40k gold average a day farming few hours a day in Kalda Lake. My gold is low and the progress is slow too. Star almost impossible to get unless I spent real money on it. Therefore those expensive star rod, clothes, S-baits are out of the question from me. People I read on the forum got multiple Star rods and star clothes and crap load of Minnow, crank, spinner while I cannot even afford one. I already try my best to progress, but some competition fishes are so difficult to get and sometime the reward is low (within 250th rank get 3k gold, within 500th rank get 1.5k gold). The money I spent on bait and time is not worth it unless I get within 50th rank that give out star which is impossible for me now. And the collection items from each area are hard to finish if I cannot catch certain fishes. For example, I want to get the free Star seeker rod from White clam beach collection, but how I get it if I cannot catch some fishes in Windy Area. I still stuck in here with low states, low gold and low star. Which gold rod and clothes should I upgrade next to maximize performance? Any good gold farming area/methods and good fishing technique tips to catch more difficult fishes is appreciated. Thank You people.

    1. At the start it is difficult. At first try to collect gold and expand your aquarium to 20 slots. Upgrade your solo wise to a maximum of +11. Buy a costume set if you haven't done so, Spring set is a good and i know of a few of my friends who still have it at level 60+. Fish in your friends aquarium who have star fish (alligator gar. goliath tiget, nile perch specifically) daily. These fishes lay eggs which you can put in your aquarium. This will help you farm star fishes in your aquarium. If you have 10 friends with the star fishes in you list it should not take you more than couple of weeks to have a full star fish farm of you own. once you get the farm going do not put any other fish in unless it is for a quest you are doing. sell the gold fishes immediately after catching. If you feed your fishes regularly your star farm should get you 200 stars a month or more if you are regular.

      Always participate in the Facebook promos. Also the competitions which happen at least twice a month and can get you 50 stars per competition, even if you don't catch all the fish due to your stats you should still get 3-5 stars per fish you will catch.

      You should get to 11-1200 stars in 3-4 months doing this. At this point wait for gamevil to run a promo on there star rods and buy one. I know couple of weeks ago they had the Twilight for 1150 stars or so. fishing will be a lot easier once you get that rod. hope this helps. #kay2

      Is what this video shows true?
      Twilight does not break??

    3. Just to add few more suggestions if you are a player like me who doesn't spend a single coin to buy stars.

      If you're raising gold to buy better items I suggest that you prioritize buying a ROD! After you upgrade your aquarium to max of 20 fishes it's time for you to request upgrade scrolls, do not repair your regular clothes (clothes you buy with gold) because it will just waste your hard earned gold, it doesn't change your stats even if you repair them LOL so let it be at 20 durability. Only your rod to keep your stats up high should be repaired! If you have spare upgrade scrolls and your rod is worn out consider upgrading than repairing because it consumes less gold. Once you reach your rod at +10 stop upgrading because chances of degrading is redunkulously high!

      You can get good baits from collections, also from events, and lucky cards (I wont suggest lucky cards thow unless you already have strong rods and don't know where to use your money).

      Equipment you buy for gold sucks as hell, they don't boost your stats that much even if you buy the best of them. Below is a comparison

      +5 Lame Set (one of the most expensive clothing for girls) + Daybreak (+11)
      Stats = 2.1k Atk, 2k Skl, 1.4k Ctrl

      Basic Sun Cap + Plain T-Shirt + Stained Shorts + Running Shoes + Leather Gloves with no ups (cheapest clothing for girls) + Day Break (+11)
      Stats = 1.8k Atk, 1.7k Skl, 1.2k Ctrl

      +5 Lame Set + Origin Alpha (cheapest rod in game)
      Stats = 1.2k Atk, 1.2k Skill, 824 Ctrl

      The only best purpose of gold in this game is to buy better rods, repair equipment, expand your aquarium to max (20 fishes). Keep earning gold and don't spend them wait for discounted rods and you can get a DayBreak for 600k+ only or Shooting Star for 800k+ only. Don't you ever try having clothing that you buy for gold like my Lame Set, in order to repair EACH will cost you 12k gold, repairing all will cost you 60k gold plus 30k gold for my DayBreak +11 and doesn't give you a good boost. Once you are capable of catching 3 star fishes from your friend's aquarium you can sell them for 3 star each and yes join events like Fish vs Fish Event 2 that give some stars. Slowly with you hard earned stars consider buying special clothing (those you buy for stars) because its repair cost is only 25% of regular clothing, I have military hat +5 that can be repaired for 3k+ gold only and also it gives a better stat boost than regular clothing.

      If you want expensive fishes here are some good sites = Whirlpool cave use A-paste and get rag fishes and tassled woobegongs; Emerald Fjord use Earthworms and hook taimen, brown trout, and sockeye salmons; Golden Viewing Platform use catch Blue Parrotfish, Atlantic Bigeye, and almost other fishes here are expensive once your level is high. Paho Shore and Kalde lake is nice when your level is still low.

      Also, don't take the game in a very competitive way because it will require you $$$ to do so. Just play it as a form of enjoying and killing time perhaps. Yes, GamEvil games are meant to make you hooked up and spend stars like other games I played before, Cartoon wars, etc...

      Good luck!

  24. Hello ppl i will make a complete beginners guide so new players will find tips and info about this game.I will talk about gear,upgrades,techiques,how to make gold,cards,stars and about friends that you can add in this game.

    1)gear:You can choose 2 diff types of gear the one that you can buy will gold and the other you can buy with stars.The gold gear is basically boost you one of your stats for example agil/con/or stg,the stars gear will boost you all of your base stats + control/skill and att.As i noticed the stars gear repair cost is way more low then the golds gear.

    2)upgrades:You can upgrade your gear by using upgrade scrolls,those scroll you can buy from the shop or you can ask your friend in game to send you.You can have max 50 each day if you have 50 friends.Power up your gear is scaled and the max is at lvl 18.One tip if you have stars gear when you lvl up and item it boost all of your stats and not only the higher one as the gold gear.

    3)techiques:There are 2 types of techiques in order to catch a fish the tap-realease and the ftf(full tension fishing).For the 1st one all roads are available to do it for the second one only some of the high end roads when you power up them more then +8 and after some training you will be able to to that.

    4)gold farm:The best way to make gold for my opinion is to fil up your aquarium with star fishes sell them and then buy the 50 stars baits and chums.You can earn chum and baits and lot of more if you like to camble buy playing the card gameor you can buy them form the item shop.

    5)lucky cards:I have gave alot of gold and stars for those cards simce i like to camble.After i send about 1000k stars and 300k gold i can say i fil up my inventory with 56 s-chum 67 a-chums tons of s grade baits(crank/minn and more)and alot of diff fishing roads like hero a road /dual inf road and a lot of gold.So if you like to camble you can try it")

    6)stars:You can earn them by pay real money or catch fishes that you can sell them and earn stars.With stars you can buy star gear and road baits energy and more things so save them if you have pation or buy them if you want to buy your gear fast.

    7)friends:Is one of the most important thing here.You can add max 50 friends.You can ask them to send you gifts every day that will hep you to complete the quests or boost your gear or by sending you enery if you want to play more when your energy bar is low.You can vist them and fed their fishes or you fan practice fishing in thier aquariums.By practice fishing in their aquarium you will able to farm eggs.Eggs when you hatced them you will able to see the fishes for gold or stars so try to make friends when you have decent gear with stars fishes aquarium.

    I hope you will understand my english!!! and this guide will help you with some things in game.

    #manolio lvl 57

  25. he leido todo lo que he podido ya que no hablo ingles muy bien, necesito que me recomienden una caña para poder hacer ftf.
    estoy en nivel 33 mis stats son att 1111, skill 971, ctr 641, luck 18


    I read everything I could and I do not speak English very well, I need to recommend a cane do ftf.
    I'm at level 33 my stats are att 1111, skill 971, ctr 641, luck 18


  26. How do u use the coupons and chum

  27. hi there add me please ; mangord

  28. hi add me please drees91.... always active

  29. I for some reason cannot fish at Lv 15 Secret Garden. It ask me for a fishing site then the rod I want to use. I choose my current rod and it tells me that I am already using it. Do I need to purchase another one? Need some advice.

  30. ^^^ to answer that question u must have more then one rod. The rod equipted to yoir char cant be used unless unequipt

  31. Fishing trip is the best way to have fun....

  32. Add me.. Zhereta.. Six stars farmers only

  33. I'm having a hard time getting the hang of reeling at high tension. I've been playing for 10 days. I'm level 24. I've seen people post their stats but I'm not sure which I'm supposed to post lol If I go to my character it says ATT 834, Skill 720, CTR 495, and Luck 7. I used some coupons that I received in the game to draw cards and won a Hero A rod which is currently +5. My current biggest catch is only a 138.8 cm sea bass. I lose a lot of fish either due to high tension or it gets too far. I can't seem to figure to how to reel in a way that doesn't leave my line breaking for the bigger or stronger fish. I watched the videos on this site as well as read instructions but I guess to me they just weren't clear. Does anyone have any tips? I appreciate any advice.

    Also, I'm a daily player and visit tanks every day. I also send gifts and fill requests every day. You can add me if you want. Jessqwer

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  35. I want to change my Character as i accidentaly chose girl, what to do? If it is not possible.. how to restart from the beginning fresh, i tried to restart from the beginning by unstalling this game, and i downloaded a new one and when it was installed, it simply continues my career! WHAT TO DO i want to change my character/or start a fresh one????

    1. Either change your sim card or simply create a new facebook account to link to the game you have to do that in settings once created the game will detect a new account and it will create a new game for you.

  36. Add me deeds85, I gift energy daily and require the same. I own star fishes except for 3 tanks which are epic fishes I need to boost rally and luck. Thank you.

  37. Are the maximum training stats increasing after level 60? or is 1300/1300/1300 the max for al 120 levels? I am currently level 59 with the following stats:


    I use a Hero D rod +15/+16
    I also have a Aqua Emperor +12/+5
    I use Assassin mask lvl+7
    Cross top set lvl+4 (will be changed at the next sale)
    Assassin tights lvl+7
    Army gloves lvl+4 (will be changed at the next sale)
    Assassin shoes lvl +7
    Still it seems impossible to catch fish like the Marbled lungfish.
    Does anyone have have some tips for me?

  38. im seeders fish 3 stars..
    Add me.. still need many active friends.. My name Beerrgg

  39. ATT:3085

    - add me on your clan
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    = twilight+17
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    - only send energy for me

  40. ATT:3085

    - add me on your clan
    - i also 9* tank
    - my rod = amethyst forest+14
    = twilight+17
    - real = ocean'spinning reeel
    - daily player
    - i need some 9*breader
    - only send energy for me

  41. How do you expand the Aquarium pass 20 slots? Do you have to be in VIP?

  42. I am master in a guild and don't like...How can change the clan...I'm stacked...please respond...

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  47. Gravel isn't always necessary, but some fish are bottom feeders and eat food off the sand at the bottom of their natural habitat, so they would need gravel. The gravel also keeps the bottom from looking too gross and helps hide some of the fish food and fish "waste" between cleanings. The people where you get your pet supplies should be able to tell you what you'll need.