Friday, July 28, 2017

Report Cheaters

If you are sure that someone is cheating report here and we can report them to gamevil together.
Otherwise stop engaging with known cheaters and trolls. They will always exist.
Ignore and/or Report is the solution.
This BS has gotten out of hand. Cam


  1. Thanks Cam and well said, totally agree with you #beario

  2. STFU beario. You're irrelevant nowadays

  3. Gamevil is cheating me!!! I had forgotten my password, as i have never needed it to log onto game. Now it is required and gamevil will not send me a temporary one. They have stolen my acct of over 5 years. I have contacted them several times and the want my google play receipts for game purchases and whatnot. Now the claim "suspicious activity"...Extortion it seems...I have watched the game get more $ orientated but this is stupid...anyone know how to recover my account

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