Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monster Fish

This list is intended to inform the players about what bait can be used to catch monster fish at every location.  They are organized by Map Screens.  Number of stars indicated what fish is sold for at SSS value.  If you happen to notice you have caught a fish with a bait we have not listed, please inform us as we will make changes appropriately.  We will keep this list updated as much as possible.

-M0MO & SmuttyNo

Now added with new Sunset Lagoon monsters.


Blue Fog Mountain Range

1. Big Black Snakehead (6 stars) - Wapo River - Minnow, A-Paste, Earthworm

2.  Monster Pike (6 stars) - Riffle Valley - Spinner, Prawn, Bug

3.  King Pirarucu (6 stars) - Fog Lake - Crank, Worm, Prawn, Earthworm

4.  Alligator Gar (3 stars) - Secret Garden - Spinner, Minnow, Crank, Worm, Prawn

5.  Nile Perch (3 stars) - Secret Garden - Minnow, Crank, Spinner, Worm, Prawn

6.  Goliath Tiger (3 stars) - Secret Garden - Minnow, Crank, Spinner, Earthworm

7.  Mad Goliath Tiger (6 stars) - Secret Garden - Crank, Worm

White Clam Town

8.  Isurus (3 stars) - Clam Beach - Minnow, Crank, Prawn

9.  Platinum Trevally (6 stars) - Clam Beach - Spinner, Earthworm

10.  Red Flag Isurus (9 stars) - Jade Wharf - Spinner, Crank, Prawn

11.  Giant Redfish (6 stars) - Sunset Lighthouse - Minnow, Paste

12.  Saw Edged Perch (3 stars) - Windy Area - Minnow, Prawn, Worm

13.  Sunfish (3 stars) - Windy Area - Spinner, Minnow, Bug, Worm

14.  Golden Wing Sailfish (9 stars) - Windy Area - Crank

Wing Coral Island

15.  Sturgeon (3 stars) - Manglo River - Minnow

16.  Angled Sturgeon (6 stars) - Manglo River - Spinner

17.  Tiger Barracuda (6 stars) - Coral Bay - Crank

18.  White Tiger Shark (9 stars) - Black Rock Beach - Crank, Worm

19.  Giant Grouper (3 stars) - Deep Blue Hole - Crank, Minnow, Worm

20.  Tiger Shark (3 stars) - Deep Blue Hole - Spinner, Earthworm, Shrimp, 

21.  Big Abyssal Ray (9 stars) - Deep Blue Hole - Minnow

Crescent Moon Strait

22.  Wels Catfish (3 stars) - Kalde Lake - Minnow, Worm, Prawn

23.  Black Hole Wels Catfish (6 stars) - Kalde Lake - Minnow

24.  Halibut (3 stars) - Paho Shore - Minnow, Worm

25.  Silver Scaled Halibut (6 stars) - Paho Shore - Crank

26.  Northern Pike (3 stars) - Emerald Fjord - Minnow, Worm, Earthworm

27.  Red King Taimen (9 stars) - Emerald Fjord - Spinner, Earthworm, Grasshopper

28.  Atlantic Wolffish (6 stars) - Weird Rock Bridge - Minnow

29.  Sawtooth Black Wolf (9 stars) - Weird Rock Bridge - Minnow

Sunset Lagoon

30.  Golden Ribbon Sea Bass (3 stars) - Evening Sunset Wharf - Minnow, Spinner, Prawn

31.  Meteor Sea Bass (6 stars) - Evening Sunset Wharf - Crank, Paste

32.  Great Barracuda (3 stars) - Golden Viewing Platform - Minnow, Crank, Spinner, Prawn

33.  Hallow Phantom (6 stars) - Golden Viewing Platform - Spinner, Paste, Shrimp

34.  Laced Moray (3 stars) - Whirlpool Cave - Minnow, Crank, Worm, Shrimp, Spinner

35.  Thunderbolt Moray Eel (6 stars) - Whirlpool Cave - Minnow, Earthworm

36.  Killer Whale (6 stars)  - Sunset Rock - Crank

37.  Bloody Emperor (9 stars) - Sunset Rock - Minnow


  1. I always caught wels catfish with s-crank. Raph74 ( level 56 )

  2. hi, is it possible to catch boss fishes more than once..?

    1. yes. you can catch as many as you want. though it may take time. there is no timer on them like there is on the ancient type fish

  3. Any one any idea what the easiest Monster Fish to go after first is? Caught the Black Snakehead out a friends tank but was hoping there is easier ones than that to catch first.

    1. I found king pirarucu fairly easy and monster pike too.


    2. I recently caught a killer whale at sunset rock. It was much easier than actually catching one in a friends tank. I would say most fish are easier at the site than in a tank.


  4. Thanks for the advice mate, thats goos news because the Snakehead revived about 5 times and my hands were aching. Since thats from the first site i thought that was the easiest one. Im definatly eligable to go after the monster pike so might try that one first.

    1. All the monster fish will revive 5 times if you cannot bring them in before that, so be prepared for a long fight. Good Luck...I remember my first time fighting those and it's really a fun stage in the game so enjoy.


  5. Struggling with the Bloody Emperor. My stats should be enough but I run out of line every time. Current stats are:
    Att: 3881
    Skill: 3526
    Ctr: 2503
    Luck: 96

    I'm using Ocean Tyrant. I've tried FTF, 3 second hold, 1 second hold...nothing is working. Any advice? Any help is appreciated. Todd25

    1. Your stat should be more than enough. It's either your technique, or your device that's bad. Some devices won't register every stroke properly so even when you're FTFing you won't pull the fish but it ran away instead, especially for strong fish like Bloody Emperor.

      Find a sweet spot on your device so that every stroke you've made can pull the fish a little bit closer to you, even if it's only 0.1m. Change your device if necessary.

    2. I was only able to land the BE with OT+14. My line snapped with SSF, Twilight and STB+16. Device is key! S4 for me, but still snapped with rods other than OT or higher.


    3. I'd say that maybe you don't have enough confidence with rods other than OT, and you might continuing to FTF while he's diving. That will brings you red hook faster on a less elastic rods. As for me, I always stop FTF when he's diving and just quick tap so he doesn't regen much, and continue to FTF when he's not diving. I can confirm that STB and higher rods can pulled out a BE.

  6. Can someone help me out with sturgeon and atlantic halibut.
    I have wasted over 80 minnows and have tried sweet spots but not a single to catch these rare ones

    1. Atlantic Halibut... It's not really that rare. Use Minnow or Worm coupled with 1~3x S-chum, or better yet if you have SS/SSS-chum, he's bite faster and quite often. Perfect for hunting the SSS-rank one. Cast almost anywhere from left to right, mid to max cast. No particular spot.

      Same deal with Sturgeon. Use Spinner or S-Shrimp coupled with same chum as above. Appears mostly on 12~2 o'clock, mid to max cast.

  7. hi.. newbie here.. if i want to catch monster fish... do i have to catch ALL FISH in the catalogue of that map?? thx for info.. currently use twilight +7.. i can do ftf..

  8. Hi,

    You need to catch all of the fish for the particular site, but not the entire area.

    For example, you can catch the Big Black Snakehead at Wapo River as soon as you've caught all of the other fish at Wapo - you do not need to catch all of the fish at the other sites (Riffle Valley, Fog Lake, Secret Garden) that are a part of the same area (Blue Fog Mountain Range).

    Good luck hunting monsters!!


  9. I'm a new :) currently using high rubber rod from a lucky draw :) +11red and +24 blue. Failed to catch monster pike and scared the hell outta me when it revived.

  10. I just learnt about playstyles and stuff, want to ask if what rod should I use. I play like:when encountering strong fishes that never stop frenzy,I wait 2 seconds each before releasing for a split second then holding the reel again. Only reel in when safe(green/orange) targets stamina death